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DesignCAD Feature Comparison

Get a quick overview of DesignCAD Windows features.

DesignCAD 3D Max 2022 DesignCAD 2D 2022
Price $19999 $6999
Key Features
Versatile 3MF Export and Import
FBX Import and Export
2D PDF Import
Versatile 2D/3D CAD Solution
Easy to Use 2D Drafting & Design
3D Print Check Tool
Support for AutoCAD 2019
Precision 3D Modeling
Realistic Visualization and Lighting
Animation & Walkthroughs
2D/3D Symbols
3D Model Content for Easier Architectural Design
Group Editor in Info Box
Windows 64-bit & 32-bit Compatible
Drawing Compare
Added Flexibility when Sharing Your Work
AutoCAD® DWG/DXF Compatible and more
Import/Export SketchUp Files
Triangulate Surface Command
Smart Menus
Associative Dimensions
New Features
AutoCAD 2018 Import/Export Support
New Icon Scaling Option
New Control Curve Command
New Arc Tangent to 2 Lines Command
New AutoHatch Feature
New Text Option: Dynamic Scaling
Insert Manager Improvements
New Normals Shading Mode
New Mixed-Mode Shading Mode
Improved Solid Engine
New Is Solid Watertight Command
New Solid Leaks Test Command
Improved AutoCAD DWG/DXF File Interoperability
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