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Woodworking &
Furniture Design

Woodworking & Furniture Design Software

Woodworking and furniture design is a profession and art that demands both beautiful and highly technical designs. For custom 2D and 3D furniture and cabinetry design projects, IMSI's CAD applications have tools available to help you reach your goals.

Parametric woodworking symbols, automatic room and object dimensioning, automated disassembly of your designs, and beautiful 3D rendering will all help you plan and visualize your designs. Easily export data from your woodworking designs into material lists and cut patterns, and export your files to standard DWG/DXF formats for cross platform sharing.

The Woodworking Wizard in TurboCAD Platinum allows you a quick and easy start for designing and editing layouts for your woodworking plans. Precise measurements and smart dimensions let you evaluate your designs against project requirements. Use the TurboCAD Furniture Maker plug-in to complete your design objectives and goals. It comes with a library of home, kitchen and office furniture symbols, including chairs, tables, and cabinets. Easily swap doors, knobs, hinges, clamps, office table footing, shelf footing, window and door panels, and more, or change dimensions to fit your needs. Customize with 1,800 modern materials, or use materials already available in TurboCAD.

Some IMSI customers, especially those who consider themselves hobby woodworkers and DIYers, have also found DesignCAD, IMSI's lower-end line of 2D/3D CAD software, to be a suitable tool for the job; however, these products do not include the woodworking and furniture design-specific tools that come with e.g. TurboCAD Pro Platinum.

Modeling a cabinet in TurboCAD

Popular TurboCAD Deluxe


  • 3D Drawing Primitives
  • 3D Parametric Furniture Symbols
  • Create Custom Furniture Models
  • Disassemble/Explode a 3D Furniture Model to component pieces
  • Quick composition of Cabinet Shelves
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